Action becomes hope for the FD/MAS community

I thought I was alone with this disease

My name is Wendy, and I live with a rare disease called Fibrous Dysplasia/McCune Albright Syndrome (FD/MAS). I have been living with FD/MAS for all of my life, and even though I’ve had my ups and downs, having this disease does not stop me from living my life with hope.

Until I was in my 20’s, I thought I was alone with this disease. Then, I was able to meet others living with FD/MAS. We formed a small community of support and began to think about how we could help others affected by FD/MAS.

We hoped that our ideas and this supportive community would grow, and because of YOU, the community continues to grow.

We did not dream in the beginning that our idea would be this big. The FD/MAS Alliance believes in this community and invests in scientific advances to better our lives and those yet to be diagnosed with FD/MAS.

In this giving season, the FD/MAS Alliance is raising $75,000 to support our powerful community so that we can all carry that hope for the future.

Donating is never about the money; it’s always about the person whose life you are helping. I have a story, and I would not trade my life experiences for anything. You can help me and others by strengthening our community and advancing science. What a great gift to give this holiday season!

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Often people reach out to the FD/MAS Alliance because they feel isolated and overwhelmed with the challenges, decisions, and emotions that come with this diagnosis. As a community, we go farther faster as we support each other in the journey. You are not alone.

FD/MAS Alliance relies on people just like you to fulfill our mission. Everyone can contribute something, and when enough people do, that’s when we are able to make a difference.