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Fibrous Dysplasia and McCune-Albright Syndrome

Fibrous Dysplasia Foundation is now The FD/MAS Alliance.

A message from Lauren Ruotolo, President of the FD/MAS Alliance

Welcome to the new FD/MAS, a brand new place for all patients, caregivers and scientists. As a McCune Albright’s Syndrome patient, let me assure you that this is much more than a name change, this is time to represent our entire community. It’s a recognition that expands the breadth and depth of our community to make sure everyone who identifies as FD and/or MAS patients feel included.

This is a celebration of the many different life stories and experiences who find support, encouragement, and recognition through our efforts.

This is a vote of confidence in the scientists and researchers whose life’s work is understanding, treating, and one day curing this disease.

To see how FD/MAS Alliance is re-introducing itself to the world, explore our newly redesigned website. It won’t disappoint you, we promise.

Thank you for remaining the heart and soul of the new FD/MAS Alliance. You are a bright spot in this world!

With excitement and gratitude,

Lauren Ruotolo
President, FD/MAS Alliance

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Often people reach out to the FD/MAS Alliance because they feel isolated and overwhelmed with the challenges, decisions, and emotions that come with this diagnosis. As a community, we go farther faster as we support each other in the journey. You are not alone.

FD/MAS Alliance relies on people just like you to fulfill our mission. Everyone can contribute something, and when enough people do, that’s when we are able to make a difference.