$160K FD/MAS Research Funding Available

We are delighted to share the Request for Applications for this year’s Team FD/MAS Million Dollar Bike Ride grants:


Fibrous dysplasia/McCune-Albright syndrome (FD/MAS) is a rare multisystem disease caused by somatic mutations in GNAS. The mutation results in constitutive activation of the Gsα cAMP signaling pathway. Skeletal manifestations include bone pain, fractures, deformity, and osteomalacia/rickets. Two, three, or four grants are available.
Amounts vary per number of awards that are funded: two awards at $80,000, three awards at $53,333, or four awards at $40,000. Studies that focus on the pathogenesis of FD/MAS or clinical studies to address any of the unmet needs in the care of FD/MAS patients will be considered. Research priorities for the FD/MAS Alliance include studies that characterize mouse models; studies to understand the mechanism and/or treatment of FD-related bone pain; development or testing of therapeutics, such as those targeting Gsα, PKA, Wnt, or other signaling pathways; and studies of the pathophysiology, such as the role of RANKL, IL6, cAMP, and FGF23.
The grants are made possible by Team FD/MAS and the FD/MAS Alliance. First-time applicants are encouraged. Previous awardees must describe progress, publications, and other funding awarded due to data generated from previous grant(s) and must describe how the new proposal is distinct or extends from previous one(s). Projects that feature collaborations across multiple institutions are encouraged. Reagents and research tools, including animal models that are generated or studied using support from FD/MAS Alliance and MDBR, must be freely accessible without restrictions and/or deposited in a public repository.
*Please submit a proposal for the total amount of $80,000. The ODC may choose to fund three awards at $53,333 or four awards at $40,000, at which point we will request a revised work plan and budget.

For more details about this grant program, rare disease focus areas, and how to apply, please visit the ODC Website.

Letters of Interest (LOIs) are due no later than Friday, September 16, 2022, by 8 pm EST.