2023: BIG Impact, BIG gratitude, BIG plans!

Happy holidays! Thank you for being an important part of the FD/MAS Alliance in 2023. From the FD/MAS Community Conference to federal funding announcements, and being highlighted at the NIH, it has been a terrific year and you are a key part of our strong community.

Together, in 2024 we will accomplish even more.

On the horizon:


  • In the fall we launched our Faces of FD/MAS storytelling initiative which aims to capture the diverse experiences of those in our community. You can watch the first story here. In 2024, we hope to release several more!
  • Faces of FD/MAS is also the theme for our Global Awareness Week February 20 – 27, 2024. We hope you will join us in FD/MAS Global Awareness Week events.

Patient Guidelines

  • At our 2023 community conference “Facing the Future – Together,” we convened the International Consortium for FD/MAS (ICFDMAS) and launched a collaborative working group of clinicians, community members, and researchers around the world to update the treatment guidelines for the first time since 2019.
  • As always, we’ll post any relevant treatment information on our website and share it widely on social media!

Team FD/MAS Year 10!

  • Join us in Philadelphia on June 8, 2024, for Team FD/MAS’s 10th Million Dollar Bike Ride!
  • This critical seed funding has supported over a million dollars of FD/MAS-specific research and launched 6 million+ in larger research projects! Be on the lookout for our 2024 Research Update and learn more about FD/MAS Alliances supported research here.

FD/MAS Alliance Staff: Suzie Doody, Adrienne McBride, & Tovah Burstein

2023 has been remarkable! If you made a year-end gift, thank you so much. We cannot do what we do without you and are so grateful for your continued support. If you haven’t given yet, there’s still time. Please consider giving $50, $100, $500 or more to show your support. You can set our course for 2024.

Finally, my door is open, please contact me if you have feedback, ideas, or would like to get more involved.

Warm Holiday Wishes,
Adrienne McBride, Executive Director
On behalf of the Staff and Board of the FD/MAS Alliance