2023 Conference Resources

The 2023 FD/MAS Community Conference was an impactful weekend of education, connection, and collaborative research.

Please enjoy these resources from our conference presentations:

FD/MAS 101

FD/MAS 101 with Dr. Michael Collins of the NIH.

Endocrine Care

Endocrine Care with Dr. Edward Hsiao.
Download the presentation slides here. 

Orthopedic Treatment of FD

Orthopedic Treatment of FD – Dr. Jason Malone.
Download the presentation slides here.

Craniofacial Care

Craniofacial Care with Dr. Andrea Burke.
Download the presentation slides here.

Bone Pain

Bone pain and FD/MAS with Dr. Alison Boyce of the NIH.
Download the presentation slides here. 

Practical Pain Management

Practical Pain Assessment and Management with Dr. Naomi Brown from the 2023 FD/MAS Community Conference.
Download the presentation slides here. 

Advocacy Panel

2023 FD/MAS Community Conference Advocacy panel with Brittany Anderson, Anne Corvelle, Sarah Mumper, and William Romero.

Poster Presentations

FD/MAS Community Conference 2023 Poster Presentations.
Watch the playlist of posters here. 

Special Thanks to:

The Board of Directors for their leadership and vision
The Conference Planning Committee for their thoughtful guidance and hard work
The Medical and Scientific Advisory Councils for their expertise and generosity
The Patient Advisory Council for their commitment and creativity
To Drs. Michael Collins and Alison Boyce for their dedication and patience
To the ICFDMAS board for expanding the field and encouraging progress
To all those who attended the conference and made it the meaningful weekend that it was.

Thanks to our Sponsors