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Adrienne McBride

Adrienne McBride serves as Executive Director and has 20+ years of working in the nonprofit sector in leadership roles. Her professional experience with the autistic adult community, non-traditional students pursuing higher education, and chronically homeless have made her a tireless advocate for underserved populations. She is thrilled to work alongside the patients and caregivers of the FD/MAS community to find better answers and options for those suffering from this rare disease. Adrienne received her undergraduate degree in French and Politics from Fairfield University, CT, and her master’s degree in business from the University of Maryland.


Tovah Burstein

Tovah Burstein, MFA, is our Community Programs Director with years of nonprofit experience and graduate-level training in non-fiction writing. Tovah has a passion for helping patients and families navigate quality care rooted in her personal experience with a close family member with a rare disease. Tovah has become the main point of contact for patients and families seeking informational resources. She also brings her empathy and skill to FD/MAS communications and community-building in the form of personal stories like centurion Ann Molitor and author Jon Morgan.

Suzie Doody

Suzie Doody, CPA, retired after 30 years with the Montgomery County Public School system in Maryland and took on the bookkeeper’s role. She and her husband live in Mt. Airy, Maryland, and spend part of their time at their beach house in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Suzie has a daughter and two step-sons and enjoys spending time with her seven grandchildren. She has a personal connection to FD/MAS through a close family friend diagnosed with FD/MAS and is highly motivated to use her skills to support the goals of the FD/MAS Alliance.


Anne Corvelle

Anne Corvelle is the current Board President of the FD/MAS Alliance and a parent of a  daughter with MAS/PFD. Anne has spent 15 years working in non-profit organizations in  Lancaster County, PA. She currently works in development at the independent school where her children attend. She has been involved with the Alliance since 2017 and has served on the board of directors since 2020. Ever since her youngest daughter was diagnosed in  2016, Anne has been on a mission to bring attention to FD/MAS and drive research forward in the hopes of there one day being a treatment or cure for everyone affected by these diseases.  


Cindi Brandt Levin J.D.

Cindi Brandt Levin, JD, lives in New Jersey and is the parent of a daughter with FD in her hip and femur. Inspired by her amazing daughter, Cindi is passionate about finding better treatments and a cure for FD/MAS. She chaired the 2014 NYC Patient and Family Medical Conference and, in 2015, started Team FD/MAS for the Million Dollar Bike run by the UPenn Orphan Disease Center. With Cindi as Team FD/MAS Captain for the past eight years, Team FD/MAS has raised over $1 million to fund research focused solely on FD/MAS. Cindi has an employment law practice in Morristown, NJ, and is a graduate of Northwestern University and NYU Law School.


Chris Guest

Chris Guest lives in Bonney Lake, Washington with his wife and daughter, Jordyn, who was diagnosed with McCune-Albright syndrome in June of 2022. Chris works in public infrastructure, specifically in water and wastewater infrastructure, and brings experience with grant writing and government systems to his work with the FD/MAS Alliance board. Discovering the FD/MAS Alliance was important for his family, as was seeing stories from others living with FD/MAS and spending time learning the stories of those affected by FD/MAS has ignited a passion to contribute to this community. Chris was elected Treasurer in June 2023.


Malissa Kenney

Malissa Kenney has spent over 25 years working in the non-profit disabilities work sector, 20 of which were in leadership positions. Her experience serving organizations such as United Cerebral Palsy, Independence Associates, and the Arc of Greater Plymouth has made her a fierce advocate for diversity, inclusion, accessibility, and community. Malissa has two family members diagnosed with FD/MAS, a teen cousin, and a daughter-in-law. She is thrilled about the opportunity to join the FD/MAS Alliance Board.

Justin Cohen, MD

Bio forthcoming

Nicola Deeley

Nicola Deeley or Nikki was first diagnosed with fibrous dysplasia (FD) in her skull at age 16 after suffering from chronic pain since she was 13 years old. Nikki continues to have chronic pain. She is determined to raise more awareness and help provide more FD/MAS research funding.  Nikki says, “as a Research and Development Scientist myself, with a degree in Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology, I understand how little funding is available for rare diseases and therefore this campaign is very important.  I also think the awareness and support brought by FD/MAS Alliance are very important as patients and caregivers often feel isolated and alone.”

Justin Healy

Justin Healy is the co-owner and broker of Ocean Atlantic Sotheby’s International Realty. Justin has been involved in the sales, development, and/ or acquisitions of over $4 billion dollars of real estate in Delaware.  When not working, Justin loves spending time with his wife, Sarah, and their three boys.  Their son, Tyler, was diagnosed with FD eight years ago.  Justin and Sarah, former FD/MAS Alliance Board Director, are passionate about helping FD/MAS Alliance advance research.  Justin says, “we know our children are watching us try and make a difference – and THAT matters.”

Eric Liao, MD, PhD

Bio forthcoming

Gary Pollastro

Gary Pollastro has watched and learned about FD/MAS through his daughter, Joelle, who was diagnosed eleven years ago and graduated from the University of WA in the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences. Gary lives on Mercer Island, WA, a suburb of Seattle, and is married with two daughters and a bernedoodle. In addition, he is a small business owner with extensive sales and marketing experience. He looks forward to becoming more involved with the FD/MAS Alliance and hopes to help make a difference for this community.

Carmel Shemmesh-Rafalowsky

Carmel Shemmesh-Rafalowsky works as a Business Development Specialist for a clinical trial SaaS company. Diagnosed as a young child with MAS, she found out she had FD the hard way, when it impacted her vision at age 16. Propelled by her experiences growing up with a rare disease, she studied Biology at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Since graduating, Carmel has found passion and purpose in advocacy work and she is excited to have a more active role in the FD/MAS community. She currently resides in Lancaster County, PA with her fiancé, cat, and an extensive mug collection.

Key Non-voting Contributors

Michael Collins, MD

Dr. Collins is a physician-scientist and trained in Endocrinology and Metabolism at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). He is currently a tenured Senior Investigator and Chief of the Skeletal Disorders and Mineral Homeostasis Section at the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research at the NIH. His research is broadly focused on bone biology and mineral biology, and FD/MAS is one of his major areas of focus. He and his team have spent decades leading studies that have improved our understanding of the pathophysiology of FD/MAS and defined the standard of care for treatment. His contributions have touched the lives of countless patients and families worldwide, who will continue to benefit for years to come. His ongoing work in this field serves as a beacon of hope to the FD/MAS community in their search for new knowledge and treatments. As acting chair of the Scientific Advisory Council, Dr. Collins participates in board meetings in a nonvoting capacity.

Alison Boyce, MD

Alison Boyce, MD, is a pediatric endocrinologist and physician-scientist in the Section on Skeletal Disorders and Mineral Homeostasis, National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, National Institutes of Health (NIH). After completing undergraduate studies at the University of Virginia, she received medical and general pediatrics training at Eastern Virginia Medical School, followed by an endocrinology fellowship at the NIH. She holds a faculty appointment at Children’s National Health System. She is active in the joint NIH and Children’s National Health System’s Pediatric Fellowship training program and the Children’s National Bone Health Program. Dr. Boyce’s research focuses on rare disorders of bone and mineral metabolism, including fibrous dysplasia/McCune-Albright syndrome, disorders of fibroblast growth factor-23, and hypoparathyroidism. As chair of the Medical Advisory Council, Dr. Boyce participates in board meetings in a nonvoting capacity.

Presidents Emeriti

Charles Harles, JD

Charles Harles, JD, was our founder and friend. The entire fibrous dysplasia and McCune-Albright syndrome community mourns the loss of this beloved leader whose vision and dedication built this organization. Charlie’s impact on the FD/MAS community is evident in the incredible legacy of the FD/MAS Alliance the community that he helped build, and the research he encouraged. Instead of flowers, Charlie’s family asked that donations be sent to the Fibrous Dysplasia Foundation dba FD/MAS Alliance. We are grateful for his vision, saddened by this loss, and determined to continue his legacy. Read more about Charlie’s life and legacy here.

Amanda Konradi, PhD

Amanda Konradi, PhD, lives in Baltimore, MD, with her two children, where she teaches sociology courses at Loyola University. She, three siblings, and her daughter have Cherubism. They have participated in studies to describe the disease, find its genetic marker, and understand its immunological aspects. Amanda is concerned with educating patients and parents to assert themselves with medical personnel and educators and help affected children find ways to experience themselves positively. Amanda played a key role in the creation of the FD/MAS Patient Registry.

Catherine Fairchild, JD

Catherine Fairchild, JD, lives in Baton Rouge, LA. She is the parent of a son with FD/MAS. Her son navigates the challenges of severe FD with a gracious and charming personality and a bit of a wicked wit. Catherine’s son has had much success with mindfulness practices to manage pain related to FD/MAS.

Kelly Cohen

Kelly Cohen’s connection to FD/MAS began with the birth of her second child, Liam who was diagnosed as a newborn. She calls upon her experience and training as a nurse to advocate for her son and others with FD/MAS. Kelly continues to work closely with Alliance leadership to advise the organization. Her support has been instrumental in advancing FD/MAS research and keeping FD/MAS Alliance at the ready for any and all opportunities.

Lauren Ruotolo

Lauren Ruotolo is an accomplished author, inspirational speaker, and content marketing leader for many global brands. Lauren served as FD/MAS Alliance Board President from 2017 -2021. She was born with McCune-Albright syndrome, a rare genetic condition that affects the bones, causing her to walk with crutches. Lauren views her condition as a form of empowerment and uses it to lead an amazing life. She has since won multiple achievement awards in marketing and female empowerment, published her book “Unstoppable in Stilettos” and started her shoe brand called Unstoppable Shoes. She now looks to inspire others to overcome their challenges and start leading an amazing life, a life truly worth living. Learn more at www.LaurenRuotolo.net.