COVID-19 and FD/MAS an Updated Conversation

On March 12th FD/MAS Alliance hosted a COVID-19 and FD/MAS update from experts at the NIH and UCSF. Here are some major takeaways:

  • Continue to look at guidelines from trusted sources such as the CDC for guidelines on travel, social distancing, and mask wearing
  • All approved vaccines are safe for the FD/MAS community to take and you should take the first one that is available to you
  • FD/MAS does not make a person immunocompromised or at higher risk for COVID than the general population, however there are secondary indications that may increase the risk for you and make you eligible for early vaccination, for example if your lungs are compressed because of FD lesions in the spine or ribs.
  • Continue with your FD/MAS care as usual. Most institutions have very careful plans in place for COVID safety and delaying care can lead to further complications down the road.