Find out how to double your donation!


Donate Stock: Put Stock in Something That Matters

Did you know that when you donate stock, you avoid the tax on the gain while deducting 100% of the value of the contribution?  You may earn 2-3x the tax savings when you give stock versus donating cash.  It’s a win-win for you and us.  And now it’s fast, safe, and easy to do.

Fibrous Dysplasia Foundation Inc. dba FD/MAS Alliance has partnered with to enable our supporters to make stock donations in 10 minutes or less.  Our DonateStock page allows you to donate stock from your brokerage directly to our account through a secure portal, making the gifting process fast, safe, and easy.

So remember, charitable giving doesn’t always mean cash.  By giving stock, your support will have an even greater impact—without denting your pocketbook.  Give smart and save more by putting stock in something that matters.

Visit our DonateStock page at