Fall Educational Programming

FDF is thrilled to be live streaming educational programming this fall in the absence of our in-person conference. “We’re excited to share this new material,” said Tovah Burstein, FDF’s community programs manager, “It was really important to the board, and to the patient conference planning Committee, that we brought educational value to patients and families this year.” The public can tune in for free via Facebook, regardless of whether or not you have a Facebook log in personally.

Join us Live

A New Clinical Pathway for FD/MAS Care
Presented by Drs. Michael Collins and Alison Boyce of the NIH
October 30th, 11:30 AM ET

This past spring, the International Consortium of Researchers published management guidelines for patients with FD/MAS that include a set of flowcharts for patient diagnosis and  care. On October 30th, Drs. Collins and Boyce, who served as key leaders in the development of the Guidelines, will introduce this resource to the patient community. Their presentation will cover how patients and clinicians might use this resource, and discuss areas for continued exploration. Tune in via Facebook and ask your questions about FD/MAS care and current research live with the experts themselves.


Pediatric Orthopedic Care and Surgery
Presented by Drs. Robert Stanton and Jason Malone of Nemours
November 15th 10:00 AM ET

 Drs. Stanton and Malone are experts in the field of pediatric orthopedic care. Together they will share their insights on managing FD/MAS for the youngest patients. Additionally, they will share advice on how to choose an orthopedic surgeon, an important decision for those in the community who don’t live near renowned FD/MAS experts like these speakers happen to be.

All programming will be shared via our website and Facebook pages for those who are not able to attend live.