A Farewell to an Unmatched Leader

Please join us in thanking Dr. Andrew Shenker as he steps down from his role on the FD/MAS Scientific Advisory Council (SAC). Dr. Shenker was part of the team that discovered the gene mutation that leads to FD/MAS  and has served as SAC chair for over two years. He truly raised the bar for SAC leadership, dedicating tremendous time and attention to improving FD/MAS Alliance programs and practices. Throughout his time on the SAC, both as a member and as chair, he was instrumental in the designing and awarding of FD/MAS research funding, and even went so far as to start his own personal and highly successful fundraiser for Team FD/MAS’s Million Dollar Bike Ride in 2020.

Dr. Shenker’s dedication to service stems in part from the close personal relationships he built with people within the FD/MAS community, both patients and caregivers. Dr. Shenker has earned the highest regard and leaves the Advisory Council as his professional commitments call for more and more of his attention.

Dr. Michael Collins of the NIH will step in as SAC chair. Dr. Collins himself is familiar to and beloved by many in the community as a world renowned expert on FD/MAS clinical care and research. Deep personal commitment and empathy are not a prerequisites for the role of Scientific Advisory Chair, an advisory body that guides FD/MAS research initiatives, however it is the FD/MAS Alliance’s great fortune that two such great leaders have been willing to serve in this role.