FD/MAS Community Conference 2023

Conference Scholarships

The first round of scholarship applications has closed. Decisions will be made June 1st. We hope to open a new round of scholarship funding if more funds become available.

About the Conference

We proudly invite you to the FD/MAS Community Conference: a weekend of education, connection, and collaborative research. 

The 2023 Conference is an opportunity to bring together people diagnosed with FD/MAS, their families, FD/MAS clinicians, researchers, and emerging researchers to break silos, build community, and create alignment to advance research and treatments for fibrous dysplasia/McCune Albright Syndrome (FD/MAS).

Sponsorship and Scholarships – Reducing the Cost of Attendance

Per person, the cost of the conference is significantly higher than the price we charge each attendee. Sponsorships help to reduce the cost of attendance for everyone at the conference.

Additionally, thanks to our generous sponsors, the Fibrous Dysplasia/McCune Albright Syndrome (FDMAS) Alliance is able to provide a limited number of scholarships for our 2023 Conference and/or hotel accommodations.

Scholarship Recipient Types:

  • Free admission*/registration for patients and/or caregivers.
  • Free admission*/registration for students and/or researchers early in their careers who are presenting research posters at the conference.
  • Both the patients/caregivers and the students/researchers groups will also have the opportunity to request consideration for a very limited number of free hotel accommodations in addition to or instead of complimentary conference registrations. (Hotel accommodations, if provided, will go only to those who confirm their registration for the conference.)
    * There is a $15 fee to apply for financial aid. This will be credited towards your registration if you are not selected for a scholarship and will help ensure the investment of each applicant.

Selection Process: 

The first round of applications will be open until May 15, 2023. If additional scholarship opportunities open up, we will initiate a second round. Applications will be reviewed by the conference committee with special consideration for financial need and community investment. First-round awardees will be notified by June 1, 2023.  Awards are not transferable.