FDF Scientific Advisory Council Welcomes Four New Members

The Fibrous Dysplasia Foundation (FDF) is pleased to add four new members to its Scientific Advisory Council (SAC). Matthew Drake, MD, PhD of the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine in Rochester, MN, Lilian Plotkin, PhD of Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis, IN, and Matthew Warman, MD of Harvard Medical School in Boston MA will add tremendous value to FDF’s work. FDF is also pleased to welcome back the former chair of the SAC, David Burr, PhD, Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Indiana University School of Medicine, who will now participate as an advisory council member.

The FDF SAC is made up of physicians and scientists with knowledge of skeletal disease and good scientific practice in the investigation of complex multi-system and endocrine-related rare diseases. “One of FDF’s greatest assets is the world-renowned collection of researchers who volunteer their time to guide our work,” said Executive Director Adrienne McBride. Members of the SAC help the Board of Directors and the FD/MAS community as a whole by designing research proposal language for the Million Dollar Bike Ride, reviewing research proposals focused on FD/MAS, and ensuring that the research community interested in FD/MAS continues to collaborate and share knowledge in order to advance the state of research as quickly as possible. “We are very grateful for their generosity of time and expertise.”