What financial benefit will I receive through SSI?


The amount of SSI benefits you will receive is determined after you apply and provide all of the requested information.  In 2022, your maximum benefit is $841 per month. 

What level of income and assets can I have to receive the SSI benefits?

You can have maximum countable resources (assets) of $2,000 for individuals and $3,000 for married couples.  Monthly earned income and unearned income like gift cards reduce the amount of the SSI benefit. 

What are countable resources for SSI?

Cash and items you own that can be exchanged for cash and used for food or shelter are “countable resources.” This includes cash, bank accounts, stocks, US savings bonds, land, and cars if you own more than one. 

Some items are excluded from countable resources: 

  • Home
  • One Automobile
  • Household goods
  • Personal effects
  • Burial space
  • Irrevocable Prepaid Burial Contract
  • Life Insurance (combined face value of all policies total $1,500 or less)
  • PASS (Plan for Achieving Self-Support)
  • Joint ownership in residence
  • Real property unable to be sold
  • Food stamps
  • School lunch programs
  • Child nutrition programs
  • Grants, scholarships, fellowships, or gifts for educational expenses

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