How do I track this complicated process for working while on SSDI?

Using a monthly Benefits Planning Calendar is recommended. A sample calendar is linked here. 

The sample calendar has a filled-in sheet and a blank sheet that you can use to track your work once you’ve downloaded the document.

How do I report my monthly earned income when I receive SSDI?

You are expected to report your earned income to SSA promptly but can report wages up to 24 months late (in arrears). Remember that SSDI counts income in the month it is EARNED, not when it is paid (unless when it is earned cannot be determined). It is recommended that you report earnings monthly, especially if you have had a Trial Work Month or are in the EPE. If you are unsure, check with your local Social Security office to see how and when they want you to report wages

Report your income by writing your local SSA office or using the My Social Security website. Remember to report every time you start or stop a job.

NOTE: If you receive Medicaid, the state agency may also require monthly income reporting.

How does working while on SSDI affect Medicare?

  • If you are on SSDI (on your own work record or CDB), you are eligible for Medicare after 24 months.
  • Medicare continues for 7 years and 9 months after the end of the TWP if SSDI is discontinued after the end of the EPE.

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