How close are we to developing a drug to treat FD/MAS?

How close are we to finding a treatment for FD/MAS? An audience member posed this question in a recent update from 4 researchers funded by Team FD/MAS, and the answer? It depends.


Because of your generosity, the last few years have been a real breakthrough for FD/MAS. Team FD/MAS has been partnering with the UPenn Orphan Disease Center for 7 years now and funded 12 promising research projects. Each project lays another brick in our path towards a treatment (see the video below for some highlights!).


According to Dr. Michael Collins of the NIH, hope is a reasonable thing to have. 


But we can only get there if we keep the momentum going. We have an ambitious goal this year to raise $250K for FD/MAS research, and we still have a ways to go before reaching the full UPenn match gift of $30K.



The Rozenblum family has agreed to match the next $9,000 raised by the community! That means every dollar YOU give becomes $4 ($1 from you, $1 from the Rozenblums, and $2 from UPenn!). Let’s not leave a single penny on the table. Let’s fund some FD/MAS research!


You can turn hope into real research.

 Donate to support Team FD/MAS. Our progress depends on it.