New Awareness Ribbon for Fibrous Dysplasia and McCune-Albright Syndrome

The Fibrous Dysplasia Foundation is pleased to announce the development of a disease awareness ribbon for Fibrous Dysplasia / McCune Albright Syndrome!

About the design:

An old medical saying is “If you hear hoof-beats, think “horse.” This means, that the most likely explanationis often the right one. But rare diseases are the zebras of medicine, a point that medicine and the public needs to grasp. The national Rare Disease Disease Day organization in the US has promoted the use of zebra stripes and this feature of our ribbon connects the FD/MAS community to patients, caregivers and advocates for the other rare diseases who struggle along-side us. Zebra stripes can be any two colors.

White is symbolic of bone disease. Orange features prominently in the logos of the Fibrous Dysplasia Foundation, National Organization for Rare Disorders and other international organizations working to promote the welfare of FD and MAS patients. Purple references chronic pain, an invisible feature of FD that needs attention among medical personnel and the broader community. Yellow is symbolic of optimism and hope. This is what motivates patients to persist in their efforts to live full lives and motivates patients, caregivers, medical professionals and supporters to bring attention to and work for a cure for the rare diseases of FD and MAS.


Lauren Foster, a 20 year old FD patient was the inspiration for and energy behind this ribbon design. As thecreator of the image, she legally owns the copyright. She hopes that it can become an international symbol linking patients,caregivers, clinicians and organizations that work on FD and MAS.

Terms of use:

The image may be freely added to the websites and Facebook pages of FD/MAS related supporters and organizations. The image may also be replicated for personal use (make your own t-shirt for Rare Disease Day, bake a unique birthday cake for your beloved). Sale of goods bearing the image is restricted to raise funds for the Fibrous Dysplasia Foundation, Inc. Contact the FD Foundation for jpg versions of the ribbon logo, the FD Foundation logo or copies of the Foundation brochure for fundraising purposes.

Awareness Gear:

Visit for information about obtaining gear with the awareness ribbon insignia.