New FD Foundation Program Makes it Easier Than Ever to Fundraise

FD Foundation supporter Kelly Cohen just held a fundraiser called "Better Tomorrows" through the Society of Champions program, and her fundraiser was very successful.

FD Foundation supporter Kelly Cohen just hosted an event called “Better Tomorrows” through the new fundraising  program, and her fundraiser was very successful.

There are many fun, creative and exciting ways to help raise funds for the FD Foundation. Some successful FD Foundation fundraisers have written letters to family and friends, or created a fundraising web page associated with their birthday, wedding or anniversary. Others have thrown dinner receptions in local community centers, sold t-shirts or jewelry, prepared bake sales, held mini-triathlons for kids, organized a bike-tour/chocolate tasting or held a series of virtual concerts on YouTube!

Fundraising isn’t all it takes to make the world a better place for people living with FD, MAS or cherubism, but it’s a huge piece of the puzzle. That’s why the Fibrous Dysplasia Foundation has created a new fundraiser support program, “The Society of Champions,” to help make fundraising a little easier!

There is no cost to join the Society of Champions. If you want to fundraise as part of the Society of Champions, the FD Foundation will offer you increased support in many helpful ways:

  • We can speak with you one-on-one by phone to help you brainstorm ideas, and come up with a solid plan that works for you.
  • We can help you set up donation page, and even send you equipment so you can accept credit card payments with your smartphone!
  • We can provide you with branded materials like brochures or signs.
  • We can help you design a graphic to promote your fundraiser.
  • We can contact other FD/MAS or cherubism families in your area to see if they would like to help you plan, organize or promote your fundraiser.
  • We provide additional advice along the way as needed.
  • We’ll send each of your donors a thank you letter.
  • After your fundraiser is over, we can reimburse you for certain costs associated with your fundraiser, up to a percentage of the money you raised.

Executive Director Deanna Portero is very excited to work with new and familiar faces through this new program. “Fundraisers make it possible to believe in a better future for people living with FD, MAS, cherubism and related diseases. I’m thrilled that we are offering new support for fundraisers, so that fundraising can become even more rewarding.”

It’s easy to join the Society of Champions and take advantage of this extra help. If you think you’d be interested in fundraising with the support of the Fibrous Dysplasia Foundation, email