Out of Office: Summer Plans!

We asked FD and MAS patients what they were up to this summer, and they mentioned things like “surgery” “NIH” and “hospital”—but they also said “seashore” “hiking” and “picnic” — whatever the weather and this summer holds for YOU, FDF is here for it.  Check out what others are up to this summer:

Jaime will be having surgery; however, afterwards she will rock her recovery by enjoying the summer with lots of picnics and hanging out with her friends and big sister.Sarah plans on visiting her boyfriend, Luke, in Gustavus, AK where he works at a fishing lodge. When Sarah isn’t in Alaska, she’ll be hanging out with their dog, Trout, seeing the Backstreet Boy live in concert, and then adventuring to Disneyland! 
Most of Camryn’s summer is being spent being the first participant in the Denosumab trial at the National Institute of Health (NIH) in Maryland. When not being a guinea pig for the federal government…Camryn will be letting her artistic talents shine by doing charcoal portrait for commission to earn money for college.Darlene’s summer plans consist of hanging out with family and going hiking around beautiful Bozeman.
Carol is back at work after vacationing in Santorini, Greece. She will be spending her summer trying to relax in her garden when she is not at work.This summer Brittany will be spending time with her nieces. Besides that, Brittany plans to stay focused on advocating for fibrous dysplasia and all rare diseases
Kimberley’s plan for the summer is to spend as much time as she can with her children and to go away on holiday.Bill’s plan for the summer is to explore the Oregon and Washington coast with his mom.
Kayla’s summer plans are to spend as much time as she can with her Fiancé and little girl out at their lake house.Archie and mom will try to have as much fun as possible with family and friends. Also, they will have multiple days at the seaside as they wait for Archie’s upcoming operation.
Norman previously had surgery and is recovering incredibly. He is living “the lake life.” Even though he still deals with managing his daily pain, Norman loves to go kayaking and wants to give a special shout out to other patients— “Think positive my fellow warriors!”