Osteoblastic Deletion Of Prkar1a Subunit Causes Severe Bone Pathology with a High Bone Turnover in Mice –  Dr. Carole Le Henaff 

Dr. Carole Le Henaff introduces a mouse model used to understand the GS Alpha pathway, specifically focusing on osteoanabolic treatment for osteoporosis. The mouse model involves deleting one of the main regulatory subunits, PRK1a or R1 Alpha, leading to hyperactive PKA in osteoblasts. The video discusses the observed bone pathology, increased bone turnover, and impacts on the craniofacial bones. The findings suggest potential applications in studying fibrous dysplasia and related disorders.
The FD/MAS Alliance Community Conference combined patient-centered science and real-world strategies for patients and families living with fibrous dysplasia, McCune-Albright syndrome (FD/MAS).
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