Peer Reviewed Medical Research Program Funding Resources

FD/MAS Alliance Presents an opportunity to meet with PRMRP program staff

Resources for interested researchers

As you may know, fibrous dysplasia/McCune-Albright Syndrome (FD/MAS) was again named one of the disease topic areas eligible for dedicated Department of Defense (DOD) research funding through the Peer Reviewed Medical Research Program (PRMRP) in 2024.

Researchers have already been successful securing significant funding from this program and it is our goal to see that more FD/MAS research moves forward with DoD funds. To that end, we are sharing some resources for interested researchers including this glitz sheet on the PRMRP program and this brief on the military relevance of studying FD/MAS. Additionally, we hosted a webinar for all interested researchers to meet with PRMRP program staff:

Cecilia Dupecher, Ph.D., Program Manager, reviewed funding opportunities with CDMRP for scientists/researchers who study fibrous dysplasia/McCune-Albright syndrome on April 19th at 1 pm EDT.

Here is a recording of her presentation:

This year, the PRMRP will use an LOI as the first step to apply for funding. The LOI is typically a single-page, abstract-like description of the research project that is being proposed. This acts as an admission ticket – the program will not provide notification of invitation, as all applicants who submit a LOI by the stated deadline are eligible to submit a full proposal. This document is used purely to assist with recruiting appropriate peer review expertise and is not reviewed by any panel.

The pre-proposal is typically a few more pages with some additional specific information requested. Unlike the LOI, a pre-proposal is reviewed by the programmatic panel, and applicants will need to receive an invitation for their preproposal to be eligible to submit a full proposal. However, no specific feedback is provided from the pre-proposal apart from the invite/no invite status.

If you plan on submitting an LOI, please be in contact with Adrienne McBride,