Rehabilitation for Daily Life Function for Persons with FD/MAS - Registration

Thank you for registering for this webinar, which will be live-streamed to our Facebook page. You do not need a Facebook account to watch, you simply need to open our Facebook URL. This form allows you to submit questions ahead of time and helps us demonstrate the impact of our programs to our supporters.

The form takes 2 parts: Registration for Rehabilitation for Daily Life Function for Persons with FD/MAS, which will be rescheduled soon (speaker Tiffany has had an unexpected hospital admission!); and a brief survey with a place to submit questions before the webinar. We’d be so grateful for your response. All questions are optional and no individual responses will be shared.

Do you know where to find the FD/MAS Treatment Guidelines?
Do you feel comfortable discussing your mobility and quality of life goals with your doctor?
Do you plan to watch this webinar?
Are you diagnosed with FD or MAS?
What is your gender

How do you identify your ethnicity? (Select all that apply)