How close are we to developing a drug to treat FD/MAS?

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How close are we to finding a treatment for FD/MAS? An audience member posed this question in a recent update from 4 researchers funded by Team FD/MAS, and the answer? It depends.   Because of your generosity, the last few years have been a real breakthrough for FD/MAS. Team FD/MAS has been partnering with the […]

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2018 Team FD Awardees: Spring 2020 Update

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The Fibrous Dysplasia Foundation (FDF) and the University of Pennsylvania Orphan Disease Center announced the four winners of the 2018 Million Dollar Bike Ride research grants in December 2018, and the awardees began their studies in early 2019. These important grants fund innovative research to investigate fibrous dysplasia/McCune-Albright syndrome (FD/MAS). Each investigator recently provided a […]

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