Team FD/MAS Dispatch!

Following our May 21st $20 Tuesday rally, Team FD/MAS has exciting news to report!

We have unlocked the UPenn match gift of $30,000! 

Major thanks go to Association MAS/FD of France, led by Aurelie Lagneau who made a generous pledge that pushed Team FD/MAS over our first benchmark goal.

Thanks to the 3 fundraisers, 15 riders and volunteers, and 86 donors who helped Team FD/MAS raise money for research grants. Without these community heroes and everyone who liked and shared Team FD/MAS social media posts, we wouldn’t have a research grant for 2024.

As of May 23rd, Team FD/MAS can pay for one and a half research grants for 2024. There’s still time to fund a second full grant! To support another project, we need to raise at least $20,000 by June 8th!

Every year, great ideas for studying FD/MAS go unfunded. Let’s make sure the best ideas don’t just stay on paper. Together, we can help promising research make a real difference for people with fibrous dysplasia and McCune-Albright syndrome!

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