Team FD/MAS Research Update 2024

For ten years now, Team FD/MAS has been dedicated to funding promising research projects through the UPenn Orphan Disease Center’s Million Dollar Bike Ride. During that time, the community has supported 20 research projects to advance FD/MAS research and, ultimately, find a treatment or cure for FD/MAS.

In 2021, Team FD/MAS led by Team Captain Cindi Brandt Levin and the Healy family raised $161,373 for fibrous dysplasia, McCune-Albright syndrome (FD/MAS)-focused research. This enabled Team FD/MAS and UPenn Orphan Disease Center to award three research grants in early 2022.

We revisit those projects recently completed in this 2024 Research Update. Drs. Fernando Fierro (University of California, Davis), Charles Hoffman (Boston College), Biagio Palmisano (Sapienza University, Rome), and Kelly Wentworth (University of California, San Francisco) report on the projects made possible by the Million Dollar Bike Ride. They briefly explain the continued course of their FD/MAS research and the impact Team FD/MAS grants have on their work.


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