Webinar Post Survey

This is a post-survey for Disability Benefits 101 & 102 conversation; We’d love your feedback and ideas. We will use your responses to shape future programming and to share the impact of these educational programs. We’d be SO grateful for your response. All questions are optional and no individual responses will be shared.

For further comments, please reach out to us via info@fibrousdysplasia.org

Disability Benefits 101/102 Post Survey

This first section references both Disability Benefits 101 and 102. We invite your feedback whether you saw one or both programs.
Did you leave Disability 101 and/or 102 with an idea of one or more actions you could take to improve or inform your financial welllbeing?
Do you have a better understanding of SSI vs SSDI?
FD/MAS Alliance is developing a resource page for financial literacy. How likely are you to visit this page as a resource in the future?
Speaker Michael Beloff offers free 15-minute consultation phone calls for all attendees to discuss their financial questions. Are you interested in setting up a post-webinar consult? If so, you may schedule your call through this link.
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